How to set the database relationship to display a list of Acts at a Event

We are building an event app for live music. Each event (gig) has potentially multiple acts associated with it. On the Event Details Page I want to display the Headline Act and the Support Acts separately, as such, I have set up two relationships in the Events database to the Acts database: one I have named Headliner (only one headliner per event), and the other is named Support Acts (multiple support acts per event).

I have set up the Headliner Act as a “Many gigs, one Act” and it displays on the Event Details page as expected.

I have set up the Support Acts as “One Gig, Many Acts” (because there can be multiple Support Acts at one gig), yet when I am trying to build a list to display it won’t let me select the Support Act Name and if I try to add the multiple support acts to the event listing, it directs me to add it via the Acts Collection, rather than the gig. (See attached image)

What am I doing wrong?!?!

Hi @Mastwyk,

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Correct as your setup? Seems like Many to One relationship between gigs and acts.

Does a act can have many gigs or only one gig? With the above setup a gig can have many acts but a act is only associated with a single gig. You can’t update that in the gigs collection and you have to go to the acts collection and select the gig from the dropdown.

Also why you have two db’s for headline and support? You could do that with a one collection.

Let me know!