How to track external action


Anyone know how to track external activity (aka conversion).

For example:

  1. User hit the button
  2. Redirected to external website where he/she have to pay
  3. After completion he/she redirected back to app and updated the database as paid

You could set up properties in the collection and set actions so that when the user clicks on a button it will log the time and or the count of clicks. You could do this for the same on a button that links to an external site. If you’re using a shared DB within Adalo for the webapp you could set a true/false on paid from the other app and have it redirect to the first app.

So, i have to edit payment provider API, if i want to track that payment is done or not. ( For redirection)

But how can i update the Adalo Database because get function is only for external collection not for internal.

If your payment is with Stripe then on the submit button you can set up a true/false property in one of your collections for paid. If the payment processor is outside of stripe then we are not integrated with and you would need to see about having a Zap track that for you.

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