How to Undo aa last action?

I deleted a list on accident, and instead of re-doing the page, is there an “undo” or version control?


Hi @tbaileyxi, as long as you haven’t refreshed the page or closed the page, you should be able to cmd + z / ctrl + z to undo back. However, if you can not undo to the point that you need to, unfortunately you will need to rebuild that page. We are working on a versioning feature, but that wouldn’t help your situation at this moment.


For later users finding this: Adalo also saves selections of components in the undo history, sometimes just undo more often than you would think and you can get to undo the action that you actually want to undo.

@zachbharris, maybe this can be changed in the future so only actual edits get added to the undo stack? Also sometimes if you undo, the selected component gets “stuck” to the mouse and moves around like it is being dragged, even if the mouse button is not pressed. this is definitely a bug which needs fixing.

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+1 to that.

It does not make sense that the Undo action also considers the selection of components.

It should only consider changes made.