How to use the Adalo Query Parameter capabilities to call a Xano API and have a filtered list of data returned?

I think Adalo has a problem with handling arrays in the output.

it works when I write the number 1

I watched how he set it up

but I didn’t see how he set it up in the external collection

Hi @AndreasAyoCruz ,
Xano works outside of the box with filters, you are missing a step here. When building your External collection, you will need to get all results without applying a filter from the beginning as you are doing currently.

To enable that, you need to go back into XANO setup and click the “QUERY…”:

Then on the “Filter”, you need to go into the “By custom query”


And in the configuration Enable “IGNORE EMPTY VALUES”, this will enable to build the External collections with XANO in ADALO, without having to apply a filter from the beginning, you will see if you do a Run & Debug that even without adding a value to the filter, it will return in this case all results:

Then you can just apply regular filters:

EDIT: I just watched his video, and I would assume his connection works without the “IGNORE EMPTY VALUES” because he uses an “includes” in the custom query as opposed to me using an “Equal”, in my case it is mandatory a value, while in “includes” probably not. need to test.

Is your filter “includes” and it still does not work?

My 2nd guess is, first theory fails (includes is giving you error), that in the video he had the “ignore empty values” on when creating the collection, and then he turned it off after, to ensure that the GET request couldn’t be bypassed without having a filter value as mandatory. Just tested this and works pretty fine, so a neat hack to enable the XANO list and get the filter mandatory for more security :slight_smile: .

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