I have a problem to display all my booking to the screen "booking"

hello everyone !

So, i have a little problem when i test my screen booking i enter all the information i demand on the form then when i go to the collection “booking client” i see the informations i put on the form are all saved in the collection but when i start the preview and i go to the screen to see if the booking information is display on the screen nothing happen…

anyone have already meet this problem and have a solution please :thinking:?

Hi @Al974,

Check the filters that you have added are matching when you are previewing. Maybe adding a screen recording of the setup and preview will be help us to help you correctly!

Or you can send me a DM and I’ll check what’s the issue!

Thank you

hello dilon where i can send you a dm ?

Click on my profile and click on the Send message button.

Sent a message!