I updated my app Kooban - Project Management

Hi everyone ! Thank you for all your support and DM, that give me a lot of motivation. And sorry, my english still bad :wink:

I updated Kooban - Project Management with a brand new UI and optimization. You can see updated UI here :point_down:

• White and Dark Mode with Switch in setttings
• New french native version (separated app)
• You can add a project to your favorites
• You can now revoke an user from your shared projects
• More clear interface with translucent appbar

The Android version is now waiting for release, I will update this post with the link

Screenshots :

International version :
Kooban - Project Management on the App Store (apple.com)

French version :
Connecting to Apple Music.

A big thanks to everyone ! If someone know how I can create a promo code, I will be happy to give you a big discount on my app !


This is a fantastic looking app, well done!

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Thank you very much!

Now available for Android users :point_down:
Kooban – Applications sur Google Play