IAPHUB with subscriptions. IAPHUB component from PragmaFlow

I setup the IAPHUB SDK with IOS and SWIFT which works fine in sandbox mode. After that I setup the IAPHUB component with the same parameters, but still getting back only “Actions when an error occurred” and no “Log” string. I’m not sure if the IAPHUB component is working at all at the moment? Has anyone a working link to IAPHUB with IOS and only subscription?

By the way the support from IAPHUB is awesome and

I have good news, the support send me the following answer: “We just added Adalo on our roadmap, we will review the plugin and work on improvements in the near future”

Hi Ron. With this user id it will not work. You need to randomize a unique id number. Im using IAPHUB subscriptions, with no problems

Thanks for the fast answer and great to hear the component is working. Maybe I’m making another mistake. Her are the steps I’m using:

1.) Setup Sandbox Testers

2.) Setup the Subscription Group

3.) Setup Subscriptions

4.) I’ve created in Adalo a “Products” Database Collection and entered the details manually exact the same as in the subscriptions

5.) I’ve created a screen showing all “Products”, if the user taps a product I’m linking to the “IAPhub” screen.

On the IAPhub screen I’ve the IAPHUB component from PragmaFlow, a “Status” and a “Log” input field.

The IAPHUB component I’ve now added a randomizer for the User id

here is the Action setup

Now when I press the IAPHUB button component the “Action when an error occurred” is triggered and in the log I’m getting the message: {“code”:“sku_not_for_sale”}

Where am I making the mistake?

The random formula does not qork. You need to use randomizer component in adalo. Try to do it

I think for testing the RAND function is not a problem because it generates a unique userID. Do you have the IAPHUB component from PragmaFlow up and running for IOS?

I can see in the IAPHUB dashboard the users are created, but I’m getting an error from the component only on IOS “{“code”:“sku_not_for_sale”}” ???

Now I see. I did not have this problem. But, yes, it is working for IOS.

Try To check Step by step, and follow exactly what IAPHUB dev sugestted. (You can fins it in this fórum).

Also, Did You created product and listing in IAPHUB platform?

Yes I’ve created the products in IAPHUB and with Android it is working. I followed the instruction I fount here at the forum but no success on IOS? I’ve posted on that entry at the beginning everything I setup, would be great if you can have a look on it and see if you can find any error?

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