Ignoring Built-In User Full Name - Minimalistic Data Storage

While trying to simplify the DB structure by removing the User Full name field, I found it impossible to do so… :scream: :stuck_out_tongue:

Goal is to make a minimalistic Private data user APP.
Reason could be : avoiding sophiticated Gov. APP rules or even building a simple App - almost anonymous - where “people info” is not wanted, let’s say for a small group need where one only wants to share some schedule…
(only needed data needed would be some nickame and a phone number or email for access/revovery)

I guess, I could just not include it in any Screen - that way it would stay always unused.

Question : Can the “User Full name field” be completely ignored even with a production App without breaking any Adalos tech requirements ?
*if so, why is it set as “not removable” (locker icon) :yum:
If it cannot be ignored, what is its mandatory use inside Adalo - beside appearing maybe in mesage like : User xxxx yyy can recover your password…and similar messages ?

Thanks :v:

In a Minimalistic use case, could the msg such as Password recoveries… be set to use the “User name”/login - even if the “User full name” remains among the non-removable fields ?

@bibipac you don’t have to use the user Full Name and you can change it to be user First Name (or anything) if you’d prefer as long as it’s a text property. Correct you don’t have to ever use it. When you’re making a form you can remove it from the fields so that it’s not used, it will just show a blank in the database. I don’t have an answer for why it’s been set to locked, but I’ve seen many apps not use all the locked properties, most notably the username property.

Currently the Forgot Password isn’t customizable so it will send your user an email to update their password. Also worth noting the username field doesn’t validate duplicates if wanting to use that for signups.

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