I'm creating an app that I believe in, on Adalo, and I'm running into challenges

Hi guys!

My app has to have video play on the home page. These videos are uploaded by people when they create a new listing. I need help doing this on Adalo. Can someone please help me make this happen?

Welcome Luthiencia,

We can certainly try and help with that, could you give us a bit more detail as to what is needed please. Does a user have to be logged in?, is the video specific to a user?, any other details will help a lot.


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Hi Craigo,

Yes! The person has to be logged into the app to create a listing. Any logged in user can make a listing and it’s during the listing creation process that they upload a video to go along with the listing.

Here’s the link to the app: The Jewelry App

Thanks for that.

I have created a quick example showing you how it works. You can clone and edit it here Video upload test

Let me know if you have any questions :+1:

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Can the video play automatically and without any control options (no play bar, no play/pause)?

I also notice that on the Test, the thumbnail that shows isn’t from the video that was uploaded.

Yes, if you click on the player you will see LOTS of options to customise the player on the left side of the screen.

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How can this work with the Deck layout I have?

This is what my progress looks like. I’ve pasted your video player onto my Deck. How do I get the uploaded videos to play here?

Hi Craigo,

Are you available for hire to make this edit for me?

It seems that this is an edit no one else knows how to do. Especially since I’m wanting to have the video play instead of images on the Deck.

Someone on the expert’s list already told me it was impossible.

I would appreciate the help.