Images move about in preview screen


Some, but not all, of my images have dropped down from their original position during my previw sessions. This is leaving a gap between the header and the image and as it is only some of the images, the overall effect is to cheapen the look of the app.

I’ve ‘snapped’ the red line between the header and the image.

I’ve tried grouping the image with the header.

I e tried grouping everything on the page together.

I’ve tried putting a ghost text box beneath.

Can someone please suggest a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Personally I haven’t seen this as an issue. What you can do is try to pull the image up underneath the top nav bar (align it to the top of the screen as well). Then group them, that might work.

As a thought, we don’t use top nav bars anymore on our apps. You could remove the bar, put “General Knowledge” and the back icon over the image at the top.

Thanks for replying. I tried that but some are still bouncing around sadly. Why aren’t we using header navigation bars anymore? Is that a design preference to modernise the look?

Yeah, just style preference.