Integrating Espressif ESP touch and other IOT related functionalities

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I have a smart module setup similar to Home automation system based on the Espressif ESP32 WIFI IOT platform. I have options to control connected devices via UDP/TCP,HTTP or Firebase RT DB (if internet id present at that time).
I need to build an android app that can Turn ON/Off these devices and send date/time to configure automatic turn ON/OFF. Some statistics data will be sent to my remote server.

  • Is there any way to Integrate Espressif ESP touch functionality with Adalo?. Espressif gives the code for this (Java and IOS). This will send the Home wifi name and password to the smart module and then the module can connect to this wifi. There are some packages developed by third-party with Flutter and React for this (React-native-smartconfig-esp NPM |
  • Is there any way to listen for UDP broadcast packets with Adalo?
  • Can we use HTTP or UDP to send commands to smart module with Adalo?

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