Introducing Mozzi (BIG UPDATE)

Hi Adalo community! Well today I come to announce that major updates were made to Mozzi, and that’s why the app was down… but let’s go! Well, check out some things we’ve updated:

  • English language has been added:white_check_mark:

  • View the list of Followers/Following (Any user) :white_check_mark:

  • Feed only those you follow (Home):white_check_mark:

  • New design in Profile, settings, home,:white_check_mark:
    explore, search page, videos page, edit profile page etc.

  • Now the post video screen is not buggy

  • More organized profile✅

  • Conversations (Block conversation, delete, design):white_check_mark:

  • MONETIZE, yes it is now possible to monetize your photos on our platform via Droplinks.

  • User verification✅

  • Improved app speed (Only on some devices.:ballot_box_with_check:

  • Virtual wallet (Where you see your account balance):white_check_mark:

  • Notifications available :white_check_mark:

Well we added that, and as we said in our first post, we plan for a better user experience, with big updates. I hope it helped you mainly because 62% of the people who use my app speak English!

Link: Mozzi br


Muito legal sua aplicação… você está no Brasil?

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Hi, this is good. Did you cloned each screen for the English translation? I did the same in past, the most annoying part is when you have to make a change on 2 screens although than 1 :sweat_smile::blush::+1:

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Hello @Eugen and thanks! Yes, unfortunately I had to do screen by screen, but now I’ll just keep the English version.

Olá @rogergomes, obrigado pelo Feedback!! Sim porém pretendo deixar o app em Inglês!

Awesome @Mozzi :+1:

Great Work

Legal… se puder deixar o seu contato de whatsapp… temos um grupo brasileiro com membros do Adalo.

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Claro! +1(240)503-9682

Hi @Mozzi. I’ve really liked your app. I am wondering if you put this on the app store?

Hi, there is no need to clone screens for translations.


@tkotx @Pragmaflow_Toni guys serious props for this translation plugin… it worked flawlessly… And so easy!!!