Introducing Mozzi - Social Network

Mozzi is a social network made in Adalo that is still in BETA. It is recommended that you use the site on a Computer, as the cell phone tends to crash once due to the amount of screens (we are working on that). Some features are: Like posts, comment and like comments, edit your profile, follow profiles, view or deprive the list of followers or followers, among others… Oh, I was just forgetting! the site is only available in Brazilian Portuguese, but I think it can be translated by your browser. that’s it, remember, for the pc it’s a better usage quality. Thanks to Adalo, my first app is available thanks to you :sparkler::heart:

Link: Mozzi

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Wow @Mozzi :star_struck: Nice app :facepunch:

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Thanks!! For the next update, the app will be better!

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Your welcome @Mozzi :innocent:

Oh nice @Mozzi :star_struck: