Introducing SmarTown, an app for citizens

Hi everyone, after 1 months of hard work with Adalo and my team, i finally built my apk and i would like to show you my App :slightly_smiling_face:

The in-app functions are initially avaiable for only 1 Italian small city for testing purposes, but we are planning to include more Italian cities and maybe more countries in future👍


•,:mag:Look for Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Shops and much more

:confetti_ball:Find new locals events or special sales on the Home Screen and receive notifications (if you want)

:spiral_calendar:Browse the city Calendar

:department_store:Are you a Pub Owner? Or maybe you are a Pharmacist?
Contact us and we can unlock more features for you remotely, so you can update your activity into the App by yourself or create new events for everyone🙂

:construction_worker_man:Admin section for Collaborators

Still Work in progress (need maps and much more)
AND now is available only in 1 city for testing purposes .
The app is only in Italian Language by now, but i will update it to have also English (i need to clone each screen so will be kind of painful)

If you have any feedback , I’m glad to hear it :slightly_smiling_face::blush:


Web App preview :globe_with_meridians: SmarTown


If you like graphics , i used Open Source from and then edited colors with MetodDraw :paintbrush:

Hi Eugenio,

Very nice app! :clap:

The only feedback I have is that for the bottom tab bar, the last 2 tabs, the text is overflowing and showing the … which doesn’t look that nice. I would suggest that you make the words shorter. :slight_smile:

Hey James, thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated! Yes i’m planning to make some changes at bottom bar to show the entire text. Also I’m working to find a solution for the second language in app (English) but i guess cloning screens is the only way

Hi Euge, congratulations it looks great!

two questions;
1- How do you plan to monetize this app?
2- How would you update your database with all the bar, restaurants, etc in each city? It looks like a big work


I love Undraw. Use it all the time.

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@MatCas i will monetize by asking a small fee to restaurant/shop owners.
Also I created an admin / collaborator section, so these can update or upload new activities by themselves. :blush:

Hey @Eugen ,
Using a different font set with thinner characters would allow you to fit more characters beneath each icon at the bottom bar. Did you try that?
Congrats with the app, note that monetizing will be a huge work load, which I have experienced with a similar app for two years, and gave up. (it was under a different no-code platform.)
Wish you success.

Hello @Omni and thank you for your feedback. I’m not on the point to give up soon, as i involved some friends to help me out. Our priority is not monetizing but offering an helpful service for an italian small city (initially), and then if that works, we could add more cities.

Hi omni tell us more about that experience.

Hi @MatCas,
Just responded to your query, directly to your email address :
Kind regards.

Hi can you post it here?

Thank you, I’ll follow on email

Kind regards.
Matias from Rimatcom

Doesn’t even let me change the language of the app

Yeah i know i have to clone each screen and translate it first :cry:

I’m getting some bugs on native apk.
Google Maps does not show direction as it does in PWA.

@Eugen This looks amazing :slight_smile: I love it. Do you mind showcasing this also on (

Thanks so much. When finished, i will do for sure

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