Invocial - We believe everyone's an influencer



A new social media platform Invocial where people stand a chance to earn the reward by brands. Just follow some easy steps.

Here’s how :point_down:

  1. Download & sign up on Invocial.

  2. We are introducing a new concept where people get a chance to connect with the brands directly. :heart_eyes:

  3. Start posting photos using any of the merchandise of a brand that you love, i. e., gadgets, t-shirts, jeans, etc. and tag the brand name along with the caption of the post. :camera_flash:

  4. If the post reaches a certain number of likes, the post will be recognized and considered by the brand itself. :star_struck:

  5. The people finally get a chance to win some exciting rewards by brands. :gift:

We hate advertisements what about you?

:point_right: Download Now -

Available in Google Play Store & as PWA


Hello Shantanu, as your platform is a social platform where each person would be sharing tons of photos, so how are you managing the data, Is the Adalo’s provided space is enough or you have another technique because we both know that 5-20 GB is not sufficient for the social media platforms,
We both Know in starting we can’t put so much money for adding more space!
@ishantanusrivastava @Ben If you have any idea regarding this please let us know

Hello Shantanu, it looks great! Do you think you could advise me how to gather likes in my app? Thanks!

Creat a relationship between user collection to user collection with many to many relationship & add the button action to update/create the property by add the logged in user.

Thank you, I will give it a try.

Great app!

Here is a bug, though:

This login/signup window needs to be connected…

Best regards,

I think it’s a backend bug because it’s working in my phone & some others too.