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I have launched my app on App Store and it seems to be working fine, however when I search for it in the App Store is says "No Results’.

Apple support have said the reason is the Target Device Family build setting is set to 2 which is form iPad. It needs to be set to Target Device Family Build setting 1,2. This can only be done in Xcode.

Please help with this.

The Targeted Device Family build setting (the UIDeviceFamily key) of your app is set to 2. This means that your app was built to run on iPad and not iPhone or iPod touch. An app built to run on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad will have a Targeted Device Family build setting of 1,2.

The device requirements that appear on the App Store are dependent on the “Required device capabilities” settings that you enter for your app in Xcode. Changing the “Required device capabilities” setting in Xcode modifies the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key in your info.plist file.

You can make device requirement changes only by updating the “Required device capabilities” setting for your app in Xcode and then resubmitting your app for review. To prepare the app you want to update in App Store Connect, click New Version if your app is in the “Ready for Sale” status. If your app is in the “Rejected” or “Developer Rejected” statuses, select a new binary and then click Submit for Review.

You can only expand your device requirements. Therefore, you can’t submit an update to your binary to restrict your device requirements.

More information about declaring required device capabilities is available on the Required Device Capabilities support page.

For more information on setting your device family, see the UIDeviceFamily section of the Information Property List Key Reference.

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I think the best thing to do submit a support ticket.

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