Is it possible to track the source of acquisition of signed up users?


I would like to start ads campaigns on Facebook, the AppStore, etc. and I would like to track for each user who signs up the source of acquisition (ie Facebook ads campaign, AppStore ads campaign, etc.), is it possible with Adalo?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @gary, it will be hard to track it in Adalo itself. But what we do to track campaign conversions is we use different URL redirects for each campaign.

For example:
Facebook Ad Campaign 1 clicks go to URL http:/
Facebook Ad Campaign 2 clicks go to URL http:/

Not sure if this strategy works with Appstore Ads. But this definitely works for us.
This requires that you have an account in to create these URLs that redirect to appstore/playstore.


Thank you @Mohammed!

With this solution, can you track:
1- When a user downloads the app?
2- When a user signs up?
3- When a user pays a subscription in my app?

I mean not a specific user but a user from this campaign

Thank you in advance!

You can track some of the things your looking for with rewardful . This will help for subscriptions on stripe but doesn’t solve all the problems what you are looking for. I am in the same boat i need the same functionality as was trying to follow up on deep linking with some other components.

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Thank you for your feedback! Hope a solution will be released in the coming months

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