Is there a way to preload webview pages to improve speed?

Is there any way to preload webview pages and not reload them on every tab switch?

I am using webview to load a few dynamic pages and using a tab-bar to move between them, but the pages don’t load until the tab bar is clicked, and then each time another tab is clicked it has to reload the pages - this is very slow. Is it possible to preload the web pages when a user enters the apps and keep their state (so they don’t need to be reloaded each time)?

Potentially something like instead of having multiple screens for each web-view, to have multiple web-views within the same screen? Or a script or component that does something similar?

Thank you.

Hi, there should be something for this.

Anyway, in my experience, native builds are much faster and smoother than preview/pwa

Looks like an interesting third party tool, but is there a way to persist a webview within adalo?

It is possible to run multiple webviews on a single screen, does anyone know if there is a way to switch between them without leaving the screen?

Thank you!

Ok so in your users database collections add some true/false properties ie. home page, Info page, account page.

Create the screen you’d like to use for your data and add all screen data to this it. Be sure to group what is for one screen together and set the visibility to only show if current user home page is true and vis Versa.

You can create a menu with your pages and set them to update the user. You will want to update all other page fields false and the page you want as true. For each one. This is allow you to have all info on one page but have it feel like it’s on different. This is will also allow all the data to be loaded at once.

P.S. make sure the groups touch top to bottom so that when one is hidden and one is shown it will be aligned how it should.

Hope this helps.

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