Job board app question


I am looking to build a mobile app for my community. It is essentially a job board with a few other resources/pages.

My website is built on Webflow. Is there a good way to build this app to mimic my site using Adalo?

If not Adalo, and I understand this is the Adalo forum, is there another solution anyone would suggest?


Your question is unclear. Are there specific elements that you’re unsure of that can/can’t be mimicked within Adalo?

At the most basic level visually, a website is images, text, and buttons. So essentially, yes, you can mimic just about any design.

However, webflow is quite robust with features that you won’t find within Adalo. That being said, I feel that it would be better for you to play around with Adalo to see what you can and can’t do.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m wondering about how powerful the database is. My job board in Webflow displays CMS items, and I’m mostly wondering if Adalo’s CMS is as robust as Webflow’s i.e. can it handle hundreds/thousands of database items, include text, images, etc.

I will play around and see what I find.


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So far so good here. Ive been a designer for over 20 years and Adalo holds it down so far. Few hiccups occasionally, but the DB is solid.

Awesome, thanks for you input!

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