Latitude/Longitude retrieval in IOS app running on web

I know this is an ongoing and charged topic, but I can’t seem to find clear guidance on a simple question: just as my IOS app (running on the web) can take and save device pictures via the camera, is there any current way (or expected by May 1) to retrieve the user’s current lat and long? Thank you,

Hi, you can use pragmaflow’s geolocation component, it’s very accurate,

This is coming in our locations launch. You can be expecting it in May. Not May 1st though. More likely toward the middle/end.


Thanks very much. I notice though that that component is not included in the Adalo market (at least for the test plan I’m currently on), What is the significance of that? Thanks again?

Thank you.

Here you can find it and install it

Thankyou!!! That looks perfect.