Let’s Talk About Some Upcoming Changes To Our Pricing

oooops - And couple more criteria for the Client category of $25

  • Only 1 published app (the one that we hand over to them to use)
  • they can work on new versions but only have one that is published at a time
  • Apps should be PWA only

thanks again, Mary

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Performance aside if you consider the features offered by Adalo, its good value for money.

I cant really see any other no-code provider competing with Adalo apart from AppGyver.

But performance (speed) is number 1. You cant sell clients an app if you cant guarantee them good speed, no matter what out of this world features you have.

I would prefer a plan with 1 app, but has all the features. Develop 1 app and then pass it on to the customer so they can manage the payments directly to Adalo. In this scenario having the ability to make multiple apps off one plan is no advantage.

For many Adalo users, it is an advantage to be able to develop multiple applications at a final price. Perhaps the price should be a little higher, but allowing the development of multiple applications at last.

It is hard to imagine any pricing increase without performance improvements, I am concerned that the app I am developing for my own business is not going to be commercially fit for purpose because of performance, i don’t really want to be giving refunds to users because app is not FFP.

As someone who has worked with software development for more than 30 years, I think Adalo has great potential, but the performance and bugs are making it hard to chose it as a viable platform for commercial apps, and the DB is very restrictive.

It could be a great platform to allow apps to get to market quickly, but the performance is a major concern, i am wondering if time spent with low code like Flutter would be more viable and ditch adalo before going much further.

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Agree that pricing needs to be updated but I hope you guys don’t start charging per app (like Glide did)… that would kill my business right away for me and is the reason I left Glide.

I’m from Mexico, and your current monthly rate of $50 is expensive and barely affordable for Mexican small entrepreneurs, so a rise in prices will be a deal breaker for a huge number of Mexican businesses. ($10 per GB is exorbitant and not an option for us).

I want to build apps that scale, so I don’t mind paying $50 for a mid-level plan and paying more if the app grows, but the rate should encourage growth with some type of relative price reduction. For example, $9 per GB (for the first 30 additional GB), then $8 per GB (for another 30 additional GB), finally $7 per GB (for any other additional GB).

Hey Everyone! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for responding here. I know how challenging this topic can be to talk about and I wanted to say I appreciate that you all have been able to give us your honest feedback while still remaining considerate. Also please know that I am reading all of the feedback and that it does really help us with how we think about things.

With that being said I am going to respond to some of the feedback from this topic and then close this thread. Why close it? Because I’ve got a new blog article and another forum post for this conversation to move over to.

Alright, here are some of my takeaways from your feedback.

:bullettrain_side:“We Want Some More Performance Improvements” | Please know that we do hear you and we’re trying our best to make improvements. It’s great to hear from some of you all acknowledging and seeing the work that we’ve done, but I also hear you when you say that we haven’t made as many strides as fast as we need to. I do have some good news on this front. I’m trying my absolute best to not overhype this, but we’re about to be dropping some new improvements here in the coming weeks. So please stay tuned — these updates include a video!

:bar_chart:“It Would Be Nice to Have Visible Usage Dashboard” | There was some feedback here around the importance of having a dashboard to show how much usage your apps have as that relates to pricing. We think this is a great idea and well… I’ve got some goods on that front as well. A little spoiler alert for my new blog post but go check it out to see some new dashboards there.

:file_cabinet:“Pricing Tiers Should Have Infrastructure That Scales” | This is a really great idea. Right now our pricing model isn’t really set up well for this. The new way we’re thinking about pricing should really set us up to move to this model.

:money_mouth_face:“Adalo, Please Don’t Be Greedy” | One of our three pricing principles is to make Adalo work for your long-term success. We think it’s a good idea that the cost of additional usage should get less expensive as your app gets more successful. Our goal is to grow no-code. We don’t want this to be cost prohibitive.

:calling:“We Want Multiple Apps” | We know the importance of being able to work on multiple projects at the same time. We want our plans to still fit with that and they do! Everyone, on every plan, will have access to unlimited test apps.

:tophat: “We’re Open To Moving Away From a One-Size Fits All” | It was nice to hear that some of you all think that Adalo is good value for money right now — especially when your app is successful. We think so too! We’re mainly hoping that this pricing change will allow us to differentiate between the different successful apps, through a tiered approach, to tie the value you all are getting more closely with our pricing.

Again thank you all for your feedback and please check out my latest post for the details on our next steps here.

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