Like/unlike options on messages in a chat app?

Hi - Is it possible to create like/unlike/reply options on messages similar to imessage or whatsapp?

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Yes, it is. To the chat bubble list, add an icon (thumbs or heart). Add an extra text box or form field. Add in an number property in the chat//message collection called ‘likecount’.
For the icon, add action…on click,
chat collection —> likecount+1
In the chat bubble list, fill in magic text on the text box or form field as likecount. Remember to put placeholder as empty.

Then everytime someone clicks on the icon, the text box shows an increment of 1.

Let me know how you get on.

@Arun. Thanks. I did not think of this approach. I think it should work. this is more like comments section in facebook and others.
I was trying to get a new pop up bubble with icons on click action (ex: imessage). By default it will not be visible but when you click on a message it should show some icons to pick.
Just curious if following 2 are possible…

  1. Click Action links between components (similar to screens). Ex - Click the message bubble component - get the icons pop up.
  2. Setting change visibility on Click action. Ex - Set visibility of icon bubble component to sometimes visible when message bubble is clicked.


Thanks @Arun :+1:Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 1.46.47 AM

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