Link collected from info to a list of relative websites

Hello, I am trying to build an app for a client, this will allow users to submit information and get back a list of websites.

so, the questions the form would ask is - 1. Do you Suffer from Anxiety? 2. Have you suffered a bereavement? 3. Do you have any dependencies? there will be a lot more questions but for the initial build just these 3 questions are required these would be yes/no questions.

I have set up the form and it seems to work well in collecting the information. what I am struggling with is how I can show the relevant websites on a list depending on what the user answered. this is a non-profit organization and all the URL links are to websites that help with the individual problems.

so if the answer to questions 1 & 2 is yes but the answer to 3 is no, this would show the 2 URLs, one for help with Anxiety and the other link for Bereavement counseling.

I can get the list to populate with all the URLS but not with a filter on the user’s choices/answers.

Any help would be very much appreciated


Hi @rachael , you have several ways of achieving this but an example would be to

1: Create a “Websites” table, you will naturally add the fields Website Url, Logo, Title, Description.
2: Create a “Categories” table with the fields Name, Description, Cover Image, Icon.
3: Add 3 category entries to your “Categories” table with the name Anxiety, Bereavement, and Dependency.
4: Add a relationship field in your “Websites” table. The relationship is between Websites and Categories, next choose the appropriate relation scheme.
5: Add some website’s entries to your “Websites” Table and select the appropriate category or categories depending on your relation scheme.
6: Grab a coffee, you deserved it so far.
7: Add a relationship field in your “Users” table. The relationship is between Categories and Users (You will rename this field with “Selected Categories”)

So when a User select’s one or several categories from your form or drop-down list you will update the “Users” Table with those selected categories.

On the next page, you will have a “Websites” list and you will filter with Logged in user > Selected Categories

Hope that helps :relaxed:

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