List Filters reset the list as soon as I return to that screen

I have a list that displays cars on the home screen

I have a button which takes you to another screen, on this other screen there are a number of drop down menus which allow you to filter the list (on the home screen) based on car colour, transmission, car make, etc…
The drop downs work fine and they do filter the list properly on the home screen, but as soon as I press the button which takes you back to the home screen, the filter resets.

How do i stop it from doing this ? I already know that if I put the dropdowns on the home screen, it works. But I am wondering if there is a way to leave the drop downs on a different screen as is and to prevent it from resetting the filters once I press the button that takes me back to the home screen

Thank you.


  1. Create a relationship with dropdown collection and users collection.
  2. Now on filter screen save all the selected option to logged in user record.
  3. Then with the help of the these selected option which is saved in logged in user record already. Start applying the custom filters on list.


Thank you for your reply, I have created a relationship with users and each collection that the dropdowns are related to.
It doesn’t work, this may be due to my misunderstanding of what you mean. Can you please clarify further…

I have attached some screenshots of my database setup, drop down configuration and list configuration so that you can have a better understanding and thus be able to provide more clarity.

Thank you.