List not refreshing in browser

I’m working on a simple scheduler app. I have a list of “Stores” and a list of “Reps” and need to assign a rep to a store everyday so they know where they are working that day.

In order to accomplish this i’ve created 3 collections: Reps, Stores, and Shifts. I use a dropdown at the top of the page to select the rep I want to assign, a list of Stores below, and then a list of Shifts that are associated to the Store that day within the Store list. I have refresh immediately turned on for both the master list of stores and the embedded list of shifts.

When I create a shift to a rep/store I can see it created in the database but the UI is either super laggy, is caching previous data, or I did something wrong but I can’t determine what! Some shifts show correctly but it’s not consistently working. If i clear my cookies and reload the page I see all the shifts correctly…also I tried having the app open in 2 different browsers and can see the changes in realtime in the browser i am not making the changes in which I find super strange.

Any ideas on what’s going on here?!

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