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I am new to Adalo and going through the materials and I could not find. Does anyone know how to develop a workflow so that before an item is listed on a list a fee must be paid?


Hi @azzab1324 ,

This is not technical question, may you should rephrase your requirements to be quite small and digestible in technical terms.

For example, you can ask, how can I make the item in the list hidden ?

If you are asking for business requirements, you can go to the experts and ask for their private time.

Yes, apologies.

What I wanted to know is that before a new entry (row) is added to the database using the form, is there a way to charge a transaction fee (either via stripe or some in app purchase) before the row is added (on completion of payment). So the condition of adding a row is dependent on the fee being paid (a listing fee so to speak)?

Right now on the form the submit button only has one action attached to it and that is to add a new row. I want it to go form —> payment —> add row

Hopefully that is clearer

If you have option to create toggle in a collection that mark it has been paid, you can use it further to create record in other collection.

If you don’t find built-in form suitable, you may create your own using just input fields, text and button and add action to your likings.

So what I do Imagine:

1.user chooses subscription plan, with that I send the user to another screen.
2. When user is sent to another screen by clicking continue button,
I have some input text fields in the next screen which are populated with the plan details from previous screen (I do this because user is not registered yet, so as such I cannot populate pre-hand user fields)
Also user is created at this point with custom action in continue button (You can use text field to ask user for email)
3. Users in this 2nd screen has a custom form (I create all fields separate in order to use stripe button to submit the data) to add their item with the fields available according to the plan he choose using visibility condition (Say he choose plan 2, so he can see all fields to fill in data).
4. User fills form, then has a stripe widget where he pays, if payment is successful, then the form is submitted and you can use option also of updating user.

Just check with ADALO if the custom actions are working fine for Stripe payment as I hadn’t use stripe for sometime.

Let me know if this makes sense :).

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