Location based filtering and alerts (a concern, not a help question)

I’m not sure what the forum rules are since I’m not seeing a related document, so I’m going to sneak the following in the Help category.

As a noob to no-coding and Adalo in general, I’m working on an app idea that most of the parts are doable by Adalo except one key element; location based filtering and alerts. I’ve been experimenting with other no-code platforms in parallel with Adalo and there’s one that can manage what I’m trying to achieve, but the learning curve is steep and the UI is unfriendly compared to Adalo. In all honesty, I’m liking the direction Adalo is taking in terms of making it easier to work with the platform building an app but there’s some key components that are still lacking.

In my case, the location proximity elements is key and I’m afraid I might get a backlash if I publish my app from the potential user base since the app will be pointless without the ability to render data based on a user’s location.

The reason for this post is to bring attention to the Location GPS feature request that seem to be in planning status since June of last year- pretty much a year now, with no additional feedback or status updates from the Adalo team.

Since location proximity is a core usage of today’s apps, I don’t see why this hasn’t been prioritized and I (and 659 others) would appreciate some updates. Even a phase one (1) of feature-set would be better than none. With the recent fund raising, big congrats btw, that’s a quite an achievement, I hope to see some activity soon.

Adalo team- the product is looking great and hope to see addition of key components soon. As for me, I’m not sure where to go from here without hearing some status feedback on the location proximity component. I will continue experimenting building the app but won’t consider publishing it with Adalo at the moment.

I invite everyone who hasn’t voted on the feature yet to give an upvote. :slight_smile:

My contribution for anyone interested:

Hi Mosses,

Please read this ‘update’ from @Ben regarding the GPS feature.

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Thanks for the quick reply @James_App_Maker. Those are good points from @Ben and as for someone who’s been in the software development space for quite some time now, I understand certain features are cumbersome to build and require serious dev time. Regardless, some updates on the feature request would be nice to keep the community informed on the status.

As for me, I’ve been hacking it away and adding logic to mimic the location of the user, but it won’t be enough to publish it due to the fear of a backlash and failure of the app from day one. On a brighter side, it’s giving me more insight of Adalo’s capabilities. :slight_smile:

We’re “guessing” it’ll be out in the next two months.

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