Looking for guidance on payment moderation

I’m trying to think of the best way to make this happen. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I’m looking to create a job board with some sort of a payment moderation system for freelancers.

2 user types: clients and freelancers.

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

  1. The Client creates a “project”, sets a budget, and submits payment for the budget. This payment will be held in moderation until the project is complete.
  2. The Freelancer accepts a project and completes the project.
  3. The Client reviews the freelancer’s project and either approves or rejects the project.
  4. Upon rejection, the Freelancer has the ability to revise the project until the client is satisfied.
  5. Upon approval, the Client approves the project and the money is then sent to the freelancer.

So maybe trying to think of some way to create a “digital wallet” with the ability to collect the budget first, to ensure that the client has the money available to start the project.

Hi @Flawless ,

If you are trying to do lead generation only, there is no need for digital wallet, you can monetize by asking clients to pay you after several completed projects, so next job they post will need your approval, unless they want to start from scratch without project’s history.

But if you want to be marketplace like fiverr, it needs to ask clients first to pay the marketplace the agreed upon budget + marketplace commissions, and after the project delivery is accepted by client, marketplace will release the money to the freelancer with delay (if needed).

I will suggest for the first time using lead generation only until network effect can be harvested.

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