Lots of errors in our ios app build

We have errors in our IOS app build.
Can anyone decipher them?

We have a few pages that are iframes. Could our “easy social share” plugin in wordpress be causing this issue?

Here’s a portion of our errors.


[16:48:42]: ▸ ee⚠️ e/Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/react-native-share/ios/WhatsAppShare.m:14:1: econflicting return type in implementation of ‘shareSingle:failureCallback:successCallback:’: ‘void *’ vs ‘void’ [-Wmismatched-return-types]e
[16:48:42]: ▸ e- (void)shareSingle:(NSDictionary *)optionse
[16:48:42]: ▸ ee ^ ~~~~e
[16:48:43]: ee▸e e[39;1mCompilinge GooglePlusShare.me
[16:48:43]: ▸ ee⚠️ e/Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/react-native-share/ios/GooglePlusShare.m:13:1: econflicting return type in implementation of ‘shareSingle:failureCallback:successCallback:’: ‘void *’ vs ‘void’ [-Wmismatched-return-types]e
[16:48:43]: ▸ e- (void)shareSingle:(NSDictionary *)optionse
[16:48:43]: ▸ ee^ ~~~~~~e
[16:48:43]: ee▸e e[39;1mCompilinge InstagramShare.me
[16:48:45]: ▸ ee⚠️ e/Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/react-native-share/ios/InstagramShare.m:49:15: eformat string is not a string literal (potentially insecure) [-Wformat-security]e
[16:48:45]: ▸ e NSLog(errorMessage);e
[16:48:45]: ▸ ee^ ~~~~~~e
[16:48:45]: ▸ ee⚠️ e/Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/react-native-share/ios/InstagramShare.m:101:52: e’openURL:options:completionHandler:’ is only available on iOS 10.0 or newer [-Wunguarded-availability]e
[16:48:45]: ▸ e [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:instagramURL options:@{} completionHandler:NULL];e
[16:48:45]: ▸ ee ^e
[16:48:45]: ▸ ee⚠️ e/Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/react-native-share/ios/InstagramShare.m:14:1: econflicting return type in implementation of ‘shareSingle:failureCallback:successCallback:’: ‘void *’ vs ‘void’ [-Wmismatched-return-types]e

Hi @josh

I’m not an expert, but what you’ve shared looks like Warnings (not the errors). Don’t think they are causing the build fail.
I believe that the error preventing your build from being uploaded is somewhere at the end of the error log file.

I’ve also have failed build today. And it looks like the reason is not-updated version of Fastline.

“fastlane 2.170.0 is available. You are on 2.152.0.
You should use the latest version.
Please update using sudo gem install fastlane”

Do you have the same error as me?

Please submit a support ticket through this link so we can take a look at this issue for you: https://info.adalo.com/submit-a-support-ticket

I think we fixed this. For what it’s worth: We were replacing an older app that had iPad compatibility set to ON. The Adalo customer service team noticed this and helped me fix it. Thanks Adalo!

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