Makers Collection Vs Users | Design Advice Please


This is more of a database design question I guess.

We make beanies and for every beanie that is bought, we give one to someone in need. The makers belong to one of 12 groups and are all volunteers and are managed by a team leader for that group.

Group > Team Leader > Maker

When a beanie needs to be made, the team leader looks through their list of makers and chooses one to allocate a beanie to.

Should all makers and all team leaders be ‘users’ of the app and in the users collection or should I have a separate collection of makers that the Team Leader chooses from?

The intention is eventually to have makers be able to log in and see which beanies have been allocated to them. When this happens would I be able to link the makers collection to the users collection?

I’m struggling how best to design the collections.




add maker relations to the related collection.

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