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I’m working through a second iteration of a PWA which will allow users to interact with fictional characters- this includes preloaded messages from those characters in the guise of a chat app. I have some inquiries- apologies if the answer’s simple and I missed it!

  1. My main question: is there a way I can add a delay to simple elements like rectangles/text? I’m thinking no based on some other threads, but thought I’d ask anyway. It would be really helpful to be able to add delays to some of the preloaded messages to mimic real time as opposed to adding an extra screen with an automatic transition to it for a manufactured delay.

  2. Is there a way I can remove the device mockup preview in the ‘share’ link that will be used for the PWA? It would be a shame if I can’t route users to download and they end up using it solely on a desktop.

  3. I’m struggling to create comment sections, though I thought they were set up correctly.

Right now, a comment section is a custom list that is set to display a database of comments (i.e. ‘Comments 1’ ). That custom list is composed of a text label linked to display the user’s username, a photo for their previously entered profile picture, and another text label which is set to ‘new comment’- a form field above the comment section with an accompanying button. This button, when tapped, is set to ‘create’ a ‘Comments 1’. Right now, the comments are displaying- but with both text fields displaying the username. Anyone have any insight on how to fix this?

Iam currently developing a Alternate Reality Game and try to make a fake realtime chat myself. I havent successed yet. I will follow this thread and report if I found a way to create it.

Your 2. question. No, the pwa page is not customizable. Why not release the app in appstore? That way you can your push notification which adds more realism to your game.

Thanks! I have a feeling we’d have to wait for custom interactions.

My stakeholders are trying to avoid google/apple commission fees! Luckily we don’t need push notifications for this project.

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  1. You can create a delay using the countdown timer. It’ll be pretty complicated, but definitely possible. If you have a collection of messages: message, viewable (relationship to users), using the countdown timer you can make add the logged in user to viewable, enabling them to see the next message. It’ll require some trial and error, but definitely possible.
  2. In short, no. It isn’t designed to render on desktop, so the mockup will be there for desktop, unless you have a web app version too.
  3. For the comment collection I would have: Text, User/Commenter (relationship to user), and a relationship to whatever the comment is tied to (a post, page, person, etc.).

From there, using the relationship, you can pull the username and image. You don’t need to re-add those to every comment (it’s highly duplicative).

Not sure why it would show the user’s username is showing twice. I would just check the mapping. It should be showing whatever you want it to, so if you mapped it to username twice then thats what you’ll see…

Thanks Erik! I’m trying to fiddle with the countdown timer now but I’m afraid it’s a little beyond my skillset/timeframe. I really appreciate the help though- more importantly my comments are working! the relationship did the trick.

Just one last question if you don’t mind my asking (i can also start a new thread if that’s preferable): is there a way to allow a user, upon login, to return to the last screen they were on the last time they used the app?

It might be possible but complicated. You could create a variable for each Screen and set the bool to define the current page a user visited. E.G. after login place action that checks for bool “Screen X = yes ? - then to go screen X”, if “screen Y is = yes, then go to screen Y instead”. As soon a user enters screen X “update user screen bool to yes” and when they go to Screen Y (set screen x bool to no, and screen y bool to yes." It’s complicated but it could work. But sure it is worth the hassle.

Hi @vabelosky ,

For delayed response in chat, it works the same way as disappearing message.

The countdown component can help here.

Thanks! Will definitely look into it.

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