Manifest.json not updating the editor

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Noticing that while following the documents in the Github repo, the editor doesn’t auto-update when I make a change or add a prop to the manifest. I am able to force it to make the update when I add that same item to the editor.js file.

I am under the impression that you should only have to change the manifest.json file to configure the editor. Can someone offer some help? I feel I might be doing something incorrectly.

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Example of manifest: I added a number
“displayName”: “Job Scheduler”,
“defaultWidth”: 160,
“defaultHeight”: 24,
“components”: “./index.js”,
“icon”: “./example-thumbnail.png”,
“props”: [
“name”: “text”,
“displayName”: “Text”,
“type”: “text”,
“default”: “Happy Hacking”
“name”: “number”,
“displayName”: “Number”,
“type”: “Bumber”,
“default”: “30”
“name”: “color”,
“displayName”: “Color”,
“type”: “color”,
“default”: “#00A898

Editor.js File config:

import {
} from ‘…/…/index.js’

export const components = {

export const config = {“displayName”:“jobScheduler”,“author”:“”,“description”:“”,“logo”:“./example-logo.png”,“name”:“jobscheduler”,“version”:“dev”,“components”:[{“name”:“JobScheduler”,“displayName”:“Job Scheduler”,“icon”:“./example-thumbnail.png”,“defaultWidth”:160,“defaultHeight”:24,“props”:[{“name”:“text”,“displayName”:“Text”,“type”:“text”,“default”:“Happy Hacking”},{“name”:“color”,“displayName”:“Color”,“type”:“color”,“default”:“#00A898”}]}]}

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