Map Pins Temporarily Incorrect

Hi there!

My client has an app filled with restaurants on a map & when clicked, the pins open up a modal window containing restaurant information.

However the pins keep opening up restaurants in completely different parts of the country (e.g. a pin for a restaurant in Liverpool will display restaurant info for a restaurant in London).

A few days will pass and the issue will disappear, coming back a week later or so.

Any ideas? This is very strange & it’s making for a very frustrating user-experience for my users & is becoming increasingly annoying for my client.

Any help is welcomed!


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I had the same problem! For me it was because I used filters (a dropdown menu) for the map pins, unfortunately it was never resolved. I haven’t tried recently.

Update: Seems like the issue occurs when a new record is added/deleted.

Potentially just a bug? @anon78309838

Hi @Indigrodigital,

As a possible workaround: did you try to hide the map and show it again after new record added? With conditional visibility rules?

I suspect that map doesn’t “recalculate” the changes in the collections automatically, or does it in the wrong way. This hide/show routine may help.

Just an idea )


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