Medical questionnaire with vital signs - How to approach correctly?

I am building sort of " medical questionnaire" for my users and I am looking for the right approach to create it.

After the user log-in , The user enter his personal dashboard.
The personal dashboard is identical for every user (Same buttons and images, same ui).
Based on the user medical condition ,each user has its own personal ‘questionnaire’.
For example: Buttons - > questionnaire 1 - enter now.
questionnaire 2 - enter now…and so on.
The UI of the questionnaires are identical for all users, The content of the questions is different - by the text and video shown

My database is located in google sheets, filtered by:
Questions for ‘questionnaire1’, Questions for ‘questionnaire2’ Questions for ‘questionnaire3’ and so on…

  1. How can I import the questions?
  2. How can I match the question for the user?
  3. How can I match the button “questionnaire1” (for example) to take data from the database?

After the questionnaire1 ends, I am asking the user for vital signs - by numbers.

  1. How can I save the values for the specific user?
  2. How can I set the correct range? I mean:
    If: the numbers are correct, a button appears for ‘NEXT’ question.
    If: the numbers are wrong (Out of range), a button appears for ‘END’ questionnaire1.
    For example:
    What is your body temp?
    If greater then 37c then - > END.
    If greater then 35c AND less then 37 - > NEXT question.

I would like to know how long it took the user read the question (I added a stopwatch component).
When the users press ‘start timer’ and then ‘stop timer’, How can I “record” the time it took the user?

Layout of the the questionnaires (1/2/3 etc…), After the user enters the questionnaire
The screen should look like that:

  • HEADER: “Question 1! Get ready”
    -TEXT and VIDEO shown for the user (The question).
    Button: START (the stopwatch starts and visible to the user).
    Button: STOP (the stopwatch stops).
    Numeric fields appear and the user fills numbers (the answers) with the right value.
    Button: NEXT or END based on the answer.

Thank you!


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