Multi select dropdown issue

I have 3 genres on my app. (Rap, Pop & R&B) When a producer first signs up they have the option to select from a multiselect dropdown which genre best suits their style of production.

Multiselect dropdown is the best option for this because they may specialize in more than one genre. Whatever combination of genres they select I want the system to automatically add them to that genre collection (rap, pop or r&B). There will be a page for each genre in the app so the other users can browse the producers on whatever genre page they want.

How would I do this?

My suggestion would be to break to registration in to 2 parts. 1 being the standard info, then on the 2nd, you can get the additional info. Think of it like an onboarding program to your app.

You will want to link to this Step 2 screen from the signup button.

In this screen you will need to have your multiselect dropdown box component and a button underneath it.

The dropdown box should come from your “Genres” collection (or whatever you have called it).

You user collection should have a many to many relationship to the genres collection.

Now on the dropdown box actions for when an item is selected you will want to Update > Logged in User and “Add Current Genre” to the genre field

Likewise you will need to make an action on the deselect trigger to Update > Logged in User and “Remove Current Genre” in the genre field.

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Thank you! The button underneath is just to send the user to the next page correct? No other action needed on this button?

I’m not sure what button underneath you are talking about?

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