Multiple data pieces for one input

problem: I need one user input (a feeling) to have different content each time the user selects it. (eg: ‘I’m feeling sad’> app plays appropriate video #1. later that day same feeling gets video#2, etc)

context: I’m making a self-care app for sexual assault survivors. I need to have multiple data pieces (audio files) show up for the “how are you feeling right now” piece because they often meet the same obstacles multiple times in a day or week.

Hi Sara, welcome to Adalo.

What you are trying to achieve is possible and relatively easy to implement but there are a few tricks you need to learn. I initially wrote a really long post about this but it was just getting too long.

I thought the easiest way to do it was to create you an example and then you can see how it works and copy what you need.

You can clone the following example and make any changes you need. Let me know if you have any questions. Test Env 3


Craig, you wonderful human! Thank you so much for this response and the effort went through to make the example for me. I might be missing something so ill start by clarifying the problem I’m working on and linking what I have:

Clarification example:
User selects feeling “sad”. video ‘sad 1/5’ plays.
User returns the same day/in general and selects sad, video ‘sad 2/5’ plays.

what i have now. you’ll want to choose ‘manage the moment’ to see the area I’m solving for.

If this is solved in your example can you show me how? I’m pretty new here so apologies if Im missing something obvious.