Multiple filters & Bugs on the name of the filters

Hello Guys,

I’ve got two major issues today:

  1. I am working on a real estate project and the workflow is: homepage with a button that says “look for an office”, and once you press it, it brings you to the list of offices: you should be able to see all offices and have the ability to filter them by city, meters, n. of rooms, n. of bathrooms etc… And here comes Problem n.1 : I would like to show all offices from all cities and then, based on what filters they fill in (the city is an input field, meanwhile every other is a dropdown) i would like to filter out those who don’t meet the requirements; Instead what happens is, once I land into the page it shows me the filters (the graphic is bugged, but that’s the second problem) but until I fill in each of those filters, it leaves me with an empty page… How do i fix this? Picture of the editor:

    And picture of what come out in the preview:

  2. As you can see in the previous images, on the editor I place the texts on specific places, but then the preview shows those texts all over the place… why so? :hot_face:

Thank you all in advance!


Hi Lorenzo, I’m not sure if you are still having problems with this issue but a possible solution to your problem is to create multiple lists with different filters “enabled” for each of the options and then use visibility conditions to only show that list if the dropdown is not empty.

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