My account is not loading

I don’t understand what happened to my account: when working with the application, everything suddenly freezes, when I try to update or re-login to my account, nothing happens, applications try to load, but without result. What to do in this situation and how to avoid it in the future?

Hey, this is strange. Have you tried clearing your cache etc? Maybe try a different browser? You could also try a VPN. Usually when this happens to me a refresh a couple of times and it comes back to normal.

Otherwise, if it persists submit a ticket, but I’d wait a while as I’m sure it will resolve itself.

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Just sharing my experience yesterday besides for the great information provided by Keith!

Yesterday after the collection records issue solved this happened to me and once I reload the tab I got this same loading screen. And after I sign-out from Adalo and restart my computer and signing again solved the problem and no issues yet!

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