My app doesn't just save data on a smartphone (the client's, = /)

Guys I have a very curious case, an application that I develop for a client, when he makes the registration (name, phone, etc.), the data is saved in the list, when he accesses the profile, the only thing that is saved, are the email and password.
And the most curious thing is that it only happens in his cell.
The same version performing the same registration task as him, and everything works perfectly.
But on his device it doesn’t work properly.

His system is Android

In any other android with the same version of the application, it works perfectly.

@CNST could you give me the app ID, I’ve never heard of this behaviour before and would like to investigate further.

yes I can send it, but how do I do it here on the forum to send you this private?

Click on my profile picture and there is a button to message me.

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