My Cart stays empty even though I've added products to it. Why is this happening?

My app is supposed to have a Cart that shows the items that have been swiped right on (swiping right on the Deck Swiper adds to cart), yet for some reason when I swipe right, the Cart remains empty. Can you please tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?

Hello @luthiencia, I want to help you but it’s difficult with this information, because there are many ways to do it and there are many ways to make mistakes too. Could you share us a screenshot of your configuration on Deck component?

Sure, here are the Actions for both the Swiping Deck and the Cart:

Can we see what are you doing on the UPDATE action? And your Collection structure if you can

There are no additional edits there.

I can’t see where you are updating the “Cart” or any property related in User. Are you sure you are doing this?

Does your User collection has a property called “Cart” or something like that?

I think you need to create a relationship between two collections: Users and Cart.

Do you have these collections?

I’m not sure how to do that. Mind writing a step by step?

It was working before.

If was working before, I think may be you changed accidentally the relationship.

First: What are your collection names?
Second: What are the relationships you’ve created?

Are you able to click on the app link, clone it and see?

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