Need help with true/false

So I have my sign in button to update logged in user to isOnline = true
I have the logout button to update the logged in user to isOnline = false

But I have noticed that even when someone logs out they are still showing up in my list of users who are isOnline = true.

I don’t know how to fix it so that it actually updates the user to isOnline = false. I thought the way I had it setup would work.

Hiya if it’s anything like game logic, the “logout” took precedence. Sounds like you’ll need a way to have a slight delay for the true/false to execute. In game dev for example I would’ve added a delay of .01 s

Good luck with it

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Try to change the order of actions, it should update the user first, then log him out.
Don’t put anything in the sign in button automatic field

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Thank you! I changed the order of the logout so that it updates the user first then logs them out and its working perfectly now.

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