Nested Collection restrictions in DB size

Are there any current restrictions with using Nested collections?

I want to use this to achieve the following to filter out books using steps via selects and nested collection in a form:

  1. Choose the language of the book
  2. Choose the Category of the book
  3. Choose the author or other filters

I predict in collection 1 around 10 languages connected to 10k books so the nesting would have an array of 10.000 values

Collection 2 since already filtered out language would be around 20 categories with around 5000 books.

So the collection size would downsize as per the filter (select) I choose in the form.

Would ADALO be able to handle this big DB? Did anyone tried already heavy volume DB?

Thank you very much.

This should work fine. You can filter these down using a hierarchy of dropdown menus.

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Hi Colin,
Yes, exactly, that is what I want to do, because the hierarchy will do the filtering also. I basically followed the Tutorial for Nested collections dropdown.

Thanks :).

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