New entry on database shared inc attachment

I’ve been trying for a week to try to make this situation work with 3rd parties, like Zapier & Make, but to no joy.
Essentially, when a user registers on the database (& they include a document), I’d like that record to be shared into a CRM or similar & include the uploaded file.

I’ve tried Zapier but all it did was send me a .txt file with the name of the uploaded file - not the actual file itself.(see image below)

WOW - just wow.
Not one reply, even from @Adalo_CXTeam
Brilliant - So I guess the next question is where do I move my client’s apps to, if this is what Adalo support looks like.

Anybody got any recommendations?

@QED Adalo does not provide technical support on a forum, this is a community space where Adalo makers share their experiences and help each other.
Would you prefer to contact Adalo support, please submit a ticket here Submit a Support Ticket.

In regards to your question - in Make it will be something like:
Adalo Watch Records - HTTP get File (there is a URL sub-property in a record for file) - send this file wherever you need to.
An alternative (to save operations, as Watch Records is in fact run by schedule - if you set it to 15 mins, you will spend 4 * 24 * 30 operations/month), will be to use Webhook and invoke the scenario directly. So in Adalo you create a custom action, send either attachment URL or record ID to Make. On Make side you have a webhook, then:

  • if you only need attachment - just HTTP get file
  • if you need more info - get Adalo record by ID and then HTTP get file
    and then send it wherever you need to.


Hi Victor,
Thanks for your reply -Adalo support actually pointed me to posting on the forum to solve this issue.
Yes, I came across ‘Make’ - possibly from reading one of your older posts, they’ve been really helpful

I’ve since replied to their email cc’ing in their CEO & VP of Ops. So bored of paying money to a company which relies on volunteers to support its product. Getting the feeling that Adalo just isn’t for me or my clients

@QED yes, Make is very powerful and I’d say you can do very complex things there. Given the number of platform integrations they have - they expand the capabilities of an app dramatically.
The only downside is per-operation cost :-/

NB: just noticed that the number of operations was auto-formatted incorrectly :slight_smile:

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