Newb - how do I initialize some variables "on_start" before App displays anything?

I’ve got a few variables to set up before my app displays anything.
E.g. if language = Spanish then xyz
or if this_app_setting_in_preferences = something then show xyz.

Is there any on_start()-like procedure ?

click on the name of the screen you want the action to be triggered from, on the left you’ll have the settings of the screen, scroll down to >actions
there you can set-up your action,
if you want to go further on the actions, you can make several conditionned actions by clicking on “show advenced” on every action and then put your condition in it, that means that this action will only happen if the condition is true .

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@Benalihoussam … are these actions only ran once when the screen is entered, or do these actions run every few seconds as the screen is being displayed ?
Mine screen actions seem to be running multiple times while the screen is displaying.

Hi, no these actions run only on screen display, they run one time then stop, they’ll restart if you go to another screen then back to the one where you have the actions set

I prefer to use countdown timers over screen actions as screen actions don’t always work when it has to grab data from the database immediately.

Sometimes, there is a 1 to 2-second delay from when the screen loads to when the data loads and sometimes the screen actions just don’t work.

By using a countdown timer set to 3-4 seconds, you can perform any action and the data will load properly. You can also hide the countdown timers by making the countdown timers fully transparent by setting the text color and border to 0% opacity.

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