Not everyone gets notification permissions

I have already released the application on two platforms: here they are, but they are still in Russian.

The essence of the application is that people create agreements with each other. One is the creator, the other is a contributor.

So,I think,that next conditions are meet:

A notification will only be sent if;

  1. I have created a build for Native Android or iOS. (Notifications do not work on Web Apps)

  2. The audience to send to exists (The users set to be the “recipient”)

A notification will only be received if;

  1. The recipient has the app installed on their device.

  2. The recipient is logged in

  3. The recipient is not the user triggering the notification.

But condition

  1. The recipient has permissions allowed. (notification permission)

is not met.

An action packed notification permission comes to the home screen, but not all for some reason on IOS.

Someone comes, someone does not. On what it depends, I don’t know yet.

For those who have received permission, everything is fine, triggers work

Could you see why this might be happening. I have an idea, maybe, since the home screen appears immediately after registration, Adalo sometimes does not have time to see that this client is in the database and he is registered (logged in). If so, then maybe I should duplicate the permission for other screens. For example, two screens when he goes to Creators or Members?
I will try to explain again: after registration, I I made a screen with an action-packed permission to send notifications. For some reason, this permission does not come to all new users for reasons I do not understand. The problem is that those who don’t get it - don’t get triggers. Question: why not all registered users receive permission and how can I make it so that permission comes to everyone? Thanks

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