Notification with Picture?

How can I include a picture in the notification that my app sends?

Hi @afonso,

Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment.

By the way, you can use emojis to make the notifications more “friendly” and nice-looking.

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks Victor! What’s the emojis “code” that is accepted throughout iOS and Android in adalo?

Hi @afonso,

Sorry, I don’t quite get your question. I use copy + paste for emojis to put them into the text property.

Best regards, Victor.

I wasn’t sure if you copy+pasted emojis iPhone-style that they would appear correctly in Android phones, and vice-versa.
But all clear, thanks!

Uma alternativa seria… Quando o usuário logar… mostre uma notificação com imagem na tela dele.

Hi @afonso,

As I understand Emojis are just unicode characters; their support depends on the phone OS version, the characters for iOS and Android have the same “character codes” (but are displayed differently based on the OS).


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