Option to play shorter version of audios

Each of our audios has a long version and a short version.

We want users to hear the long version first, then if they favor it and go to their “favorite list” I would like them to have the option to play either the long version or the short version.

I tried putting a custom list of of short versions inside the favorites list…but when you click on short version it plays the long version in the audio player. Maybe I’m doing something wrong (very possible) or there is a better way to accomplish this.

Is there a solution or is this not possible?

It sounds like maybe it’s setup wrong here. Can you post some screenshots of how you set up the database and list?

Sure, thanks. I’m actually trying to follow your video on lists within lists…and everything works like it should until it goes to audio player. Here are some screen shots.



It all looks good until it goes to audio…so maybe the issue is how I have that set up?

You might not need a separate collection for short audio here. So you can avoid having a list within a list. Just have a property for long audio and a property for short audio, within a single audio collection. Then have 2 audio players in the list. One is visible if logged in user > favorites included current audio. And the other player is visible logged in user favorites does not contain current audio. Something like that.

That would be easier too. Thanks, I’ll give it a try and let you know if I can pull it off LOL - it’s been a long day trying to figure this out - I’m a little brain dead just now.so I’ll try tomorrow. Thanks again.

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I can’t get this to work. The issue seems to be that I have two audios and only one favorite button. Let me see if I can explain.

Option A: If I have it set up as two separate audios in the database but only the long one showing for them to play in the initial audio list, then they favorite the visible (long) one and the other (short) one does not get to the favorite list.

Option B: If I have it set up as one audio with a property for long MP3 and a property for short MP3, it shows up on the initial audio list as one audio, and when they favorite that audio, it shows up in the favorite list as one audio…not a short version and a long version.

So no matter how I try to do it, I only get one audio in the favorite list. Am I missing something?

Thanks for trying to help me sort this out.

Please don’t spend any more time trying to solve this for us because we found a work around that solves the problem. Thanks again for your time!

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No worries, best of luck with the app!

Thanks so much for the help and the good wishes. Happy New Year too!

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