Part from source code


I have a new small project , from the requirements of this project is to provide the following :

1- One of the important parts of the source code, and an explanation of the chosen part and the screens or forms related to this part
2- Language used for programming and tools used in development
3- database schema diagram

My question is , can we provide the mentioned requirements if we build our app useing Adalo.

if yes, please let me know what we have to do

Thank you

any updte on this issue please

Hi @iamhusam ,

You can explain to them about no code movement, they might be understanding if they can easily help in improving the app.

The benefit can easily overcome this hurdle if they are willing to accept that there is new kid in town. :grinning:

It is useless to keep the spaghetti source code if it is not helping.

Every no code language is mostly visual and very specific to its own rules, we cannot convert them easily between them, it has to be redrawn and remake from scratch, but as long as we get to keep the good stuff, why not.

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