Perform and Display Web Searches

I apologize in advance if this is a bit unclear, but let me give it a shot anyway. Is there a way to 1) perform a web search (Google, Amazon, Pinterest, etc.) based on a specific words generated within my app 2) then display one of the results as a link within my app that will take the user to that web page?

This may be too complex or I’m possibly thinking of this in the wrong way but any insight will help. Thanks!

Google used to have an API with this option but that has been depreciated so you would need to look at another API provider like this one (there are others so its worth looking for the cheapest maybe).

You can then setup a custom action in Adalo to run the API, you create a list in Adalo to show the results of the API query.

You can search the forum or Adalo tutorials for API and Custom Action details.

Hope this helps.



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