Posty - A Very Very Simple App

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Last Month I discovered some new things that we can do with a component ( But Not So Much Perfect But It’s Cool For Web Apps ! ). Then I made this app including that features to share with your’ll that what I found. And still I’m adding some more ones and still one feature is in Development.

About the app,

This is a very simple app. Anyone can make this app! Even the newbies also can! But this app has some like new 2,3 features that I discovered last month. In this app you can create posts, favorite posts, still working on following/unfollowing users and the features that I found! And this is a Web App!

Here’s the Link :

Hope you’ll like it and Hope that features that I found will work good on your’ll computers too as it worked on my computer!

And reply here that what you have found special in here! :grin:

Note : Open this on a Desktop/Laptop to see that features :upside_down_face:

Thank you


Hello, there I entered the app… how did you do the movement of the frames and the zoom? Very good!

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What component did you use to flip the cards?

I like the features but miss the responsive page design as what i generally miss with Web App Development in Adalo…

Thanks for sharing

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Hi @Santiago , @IURII and @ajcave and everyone,

Thanks for the replies!

I have added how I did this in this topic :

Thank you